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Our Bridge programme consists of five weeks of several meetings where Pledges will learn about the fraternity's values and the possibilities that membership in the Fraternity will open up. 

Midway through the programme the Pledges will be put through a professional interview. This will allow the Fraternity to discover what makes each Pledge truly special while expanding their interview skills.

The final step in joining our Fraternity is the Honour Court. On this day Pledges will give a presentation to members of the Fraternity, outlining what they have learned from the process and how the Fraternity would benefit from their membership. If the Pledges successfully pass through these steps, they will become Brothers. It must be noted that membership is for life. Furthermore, the Chapter and Alpha Kappa Psi as a whole do not condone the practice of hazing at any of our events. 

While the business aspect of the Fraternity is of utmost importance, we organise frequent social events to accommodate a sense of Brotherhood between our existing Brothers and Pledges. Here is a video made by Pledges in Spring 2018 describing their Bridge experience: